Our Lady of Fatima

In honor of the Fatima Centennial, here is a hymn from our parish’s May Procession booklet: Our Lady of Fatima. The hymn tune is called “In Fatima’s Cove”, but I was unable to find who composed it. The original Fatima poem used with this melody was in Portuguese by António Botto (1892-1959). Here is another English version, which I decided against because the wording is a little awkward. But feel free to find verses you like and add them to your family hymnal. The verses you find here are from the May Procession booklet I mentioned, and again, I couldn’t find their author. I’ll update this post if/when I do.

Our Lady of Fatima, Virgin most bright,
Hail Mary, Our Mother, Our Lady of Light.

Sheet Music


Our Lady of Fatima, Virgin most bright,
Hail Mary, Our Mother, Our Lady of Light.

Ave, ave, ave, Maria!
Ave, ave, ave, Maria!

We pray for all sinners and souls that now stray,
From Jesus and Mary, in heresy’s way.

For poor, sick, afflicted, thy mercy we crave,
And comfort the dying, thou hope of the grave.

In grief and temptation, in joy and in pain,
We’ll seek thee our Mother, nor seek thee in vain.

In death’s solemn moment, our Mother be nigh;
As children of Mary, oh teach us to die.


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My Song of Today

This hymn,  My Song of Today, is perfect for the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, who wrote the poem in June, 1894. I love St. Therese’s prayer to get by, to live, to love God– for just one day at a time. When you’re feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, this hymn can remind you to think about only today, and stop worrying about what the next day might bring.


The music by Nicola A. Montani fits the words so well.  The longing, the desperate plea of someone who is struggling, can be heard in the “sighing” melody. I hope you enjoy learning this one.  It would make a beautiful hymn for her feast day on October 3!


Sheet Music



**NEW** Audio available on YouTube!

My Song of Today (Easy Piano):


My Song of Today (Choral):



Below is the full translation of the poem, which is found in “Poems of St. Teresa, Carmelite of Lisieux, known as the ‘Little Flower of Jesus'”.  The verses in the hymn were only slightly modified. I appreciate the last stanza, which isn’t in the hymn, but is the missing ending to the text!


My Song of Today

Oh! how I love Thee, Jesus! my soul aspires to Thee –
And yet for one day only my simple prayer I pray!
Come reign within my heart, smile tenderly on me,
Today, dear Lord, today.

But if I dare take thought of what the morrow brings –
That fills my fickle heart with dreary, dull dismay;
I crave, indeed, my God, trials and sufferings,
But only for today!
O sweetest Star of heaven! O Virgin, spotless, blest,
Shining with Jesus’ light, guiding to Him my way!
O Mother! ‘neath thy veil let my tired spirit rest,
For this brief passing day!

Soon shall I fly afar among the holy choirs,
Then shall be mine the joy that never knows decay;
And then my lips shall sing, to heaven’s angelic lyres,
The eternal, glad today!


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