Free Music Resources

Here are the free music resources I offer to help you add sacred music to your prayer or family life.

Catholic Songs to Learn and Sing – a growing collection of hymns, songs, and chants to learn. Audio and sheet music is available for almost all.

Catholic Songs (3)

Catholic Hymn Study – Do you homeschool? Or are you a convert (or re-vert) looking to learn some traditional Catholic hymns? My goal is to provide you with a 12-year rotation of music: you will learn one song each month. Year 2 is in progress…join right in! No previous music ability required!
Catholic Hymn Study

The Story of Redemption for Children in Chant – if you can’t read music, don’t worry! You will still be able to use this beautiful resource. Just listen to my recordings, you will be able to learn these little stories and share them with your young children.


redemption collage

 Sheet Music collection on Scribd – these (and more) are also available on the page Catholic Songs to Learn and Sing. I’m in the process of combining these PDFs into that page.

Click on the song titles below, and sheet music in PDF form will automatically download.

Hymns to the Sacred Heart

Marian Chants, Hymns and Songs



I hope you enjoy learning to play and sing traditional Catholic music! Check out my online collection of other resources that includes online hymnals and other websites dedicated to sacred music.

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