Soul of My Saviour

This beautiful hymn, Soul of My Saviour, is based on the original Latin text Anima Christi, which is attributed to Pope John XXII, 1249-1334. Anima Christi is the prayer frequently said after Holy Communion: Soul of Christ, sanctify me, Body of Christ, save me, etc.

J. Hegarty (1734?-1834) translated the prayer and turned it into the hymn text and Lorenzo Dobici composed this version of the hymn tune.

Sheet Music

PDF from Musica Sacra



Soul of my Saviour sanctify my breast,
Body of Christ, be Thou my saving guest,
Blood of my Saviour, bathe me in Thy tide,
Wash me with waters gushing from thy side.

Strength and protection may Thy passion be,
O blessèd Jesus, hear and answer me;
Deep in Thy wounds, Lord, hide and shelter me,
So shall I never, never part from Thee.

Guard and defend me from the foe malign,
In death’s dread moments make me only Thine;
Call me and bid me come to Thee on high
Where I may praise Thee with thy saints for aye.

O Jesus, Thou the Beauty Art

O Jesus, Thou the Beauty Art
is a liturgical hymn from the Breviary for the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus.  The text comes from a larger sacred poem, Jesu, Dulcis Memoria.  The text is thought to be composed by St. Bernard of Clairvaux (although there’s disagreement about this fact.) The translation into English was done by renowned Cathoic convert Edward Caswall.

Sheet Music



O Jesus, Thou the Beauty art
Of angel worlds above!
Thy Name is music to the heart,
Enchanting it with love
O my sweet Jesu! hear the sighs
Which unto Thee I send;
To Thee mine inmost spirit cries,
My being’s hope and end!

Stay with us, Lord, and with Thy light
Illume the soul’s abyss;
Scatter the darkness of our night
And fill the air with bliss.
O Jesu! Spotless Virgin flower!
Our life and joy! to Thee
Be praise, beatitude, and power,
Through all eternity! Amen.

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