Ye Souls of the Faithful

Excellent quality hymns teach the truths of the Faith. This hymn, Ye Souls of the Faithful, does an impressive job of reminding all who sing and read it, that the Souls of the Faithful are suffering in Purgatory until they are released, and that they need our help to shorten their stay. It describes the connection between those on earth, in Heaven, and in Purgatory. My favorite verse is the last:

All ye who would honour the Saints and

Sheet music and Audio


Ye Souls of the Faithful by erin.mcfarland.16


Click here for the score on (from 1920 St. Gregory’s hymnal)

Click here for the sheet music I made on Musescore. Press play to follow along above.




From Hymns and Poems, Original and Translated by Edward Caswall. Click the text below to view it in

Dear Angel, Ever at My Side

Dear Angel, Ever at My Side

Father Frederick Faber (1814-1863) wrote “Dear Angel, Ever at My Side” for children to pray to their Guardian Angels. A favorite Catholic devotional hymn and one that brings back memories of childhood. A good hymn to learn for October. All 13 verses are provided, plus audio and sheet music.

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The Guardian Angel Hymn

The Guardian Angel

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman wrote a poem to his Guardian Angel, and it is full of Catholic teachings on guardian angels and the Christian way of life. Sheet music, audio, lyrics available.

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