Who Is She Ascends So High

For the feast of the Assumption, I found this simple hymn from 17th century England.  The text is by Sir John Beaumont (+1627), and the melody is by Corner (1631). It is hymn #105 in the St. Pius X Hymnal (1953).

Who is She Ascends so High Canva

Sheet Music

Who Is She Ascends So High (PDF) - St. Pius X Hymnal on CCWatershed


I was pleasantly surprised to find this amazing arrangement performed by the CMRI seminarians and men’s choir:


Listen and follow along:

Who Is She Ascends So High by erin.mcfarland.16


Who is she ascends so high,
Next the heav’nly King,
Round about whom angels fly,
And her praises sing?

Who is she adorned with light;
Makes the sun her robe?
At whose feet the queen of night
Lays her changing globe?

This is she in whose pure womb
Heaven’s Prince remained;
Wherefore in no earthly tomb
Could she be contained.

Heav’n she was, which held that fire,
Whence the world took light,
And to heav’n doth now aspire:
Flames with flames unite.

She that did so clearly shine,
Our Day once begun,
See how bright her beams decline,
Sitting with the Sun.

O Splendor of God’s Glory

O Splendor of God's Glory

“O Splendor of God’s Glory” is a hymn written originally in Latin (Splendor Paternæ gloriæ) by St. Ambrose (340-397). Audio, sheet music, lyrics available in Latin and English.

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Lo! The Dim Shadows of Night are Waning

Lo the Dim Shadows pic

A hymn by St. Gregory, sung at Lauds on Sundays between the Fourth Sunday after Pentecost until September 27th. I found a hymn tune to accompany the English translation.

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