Advent Tradition: A Spiritual Christmas Crib


I love simple Advent traditions. Ones that bring peace of mind, a sense of anticipation, and also reminds me that Christmas is coming, not here. Every year, our chapel faithfully prints free copies of “A Spiritual Christmas Crib” by Rev. Frederic Nelson. I’d like to share with you those prayers and reflections that can help prepare your soul for Christmas.

There is one mini reflection, action, and prayer for each day until Christmas, starting on December 1. Here is Day 1:


Frequently during the day offer your heart to the little Infant Jesus. Ask Him to make it His home.

–Sweet Jesus, take my heart and make it meek and pure.

So simple. Here is Day 2:


See that the roof of the stable is in good condition, so that the Infant Jesus is protected from rain and snow. This you will do by carefully avoiding every uncharitable remark.

–Jesus, teach me to love my neighbor as myself.

The prep is easy as well: all you need to do is  DOWNLOAD and PRINT the daily reflections. Share them with friends, too!

Are you afraid you might miss a day? I’m SO excited to offer you daily reminder emails that will make your life much easier. I promise the emails will be short and sweet. Here is what Day 1′s email will look like:


December 1

 (Nativity Manger Scene shown is found on Etsy.)


That’s it! And as a SPECIAL BONUS, I will include sheet music and links to MP3 downloads or YouTube videos of the “O” Antiphons for December 17-24! Get your Advent wreath out, buy candles if you need them, and you’re well on your way to having your Advent preparations finished!

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May you have a peaceful, blessed Advent season!

P.S. You can purchase a beautiful set of the daily reminders at the Saint Benedict Center Online Religious Gift Shop. (These are the Sisters that taught me from 1st – 12th grade!) :-)



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