Think of the Son of God


I love this hymn. Why is it one of my favorites? Because 1) It is a meditation on the Passion of Christ, 2) the melancholy melody makes me immediately become aware of His sufferings, and 3) the simple poem is bursting with imagery.

I hope you come to love this hymn as well! It is so nice to sing during Lent – it’s our  bedtime “Lenten Lullaby”.

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From the St. Pius X Hymnal. Found online at

From the St. Pius X Hymnal. Found online at

Think of the Son of God, how He
Died on the tree our souls to save,
Think of the nails that pierced Him through,
Think of Him, too, in lowly grave.

Think of the spear the soldier bore,
Think how it tore His holy side,
Think of the bitter gall for drink,
Think of it, think for us He died.

Think upon Christ Who gave His blood
Poured in a flood our souls to win,
Think of the mingled tide that gushed
Forth at the thrust to wash our sin.

Think of repentance timely made,
Think like a shade our time flits, too
Think upon death with poisoned dart
Piercing the heart and body through.


The other hymn shown can be learned here: Glory Be to Jesus. The sheet music I made is on that page, and the MIDI goes with it. (The above score I found months later.)



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