Welcome! You’ve found a place to learn how to sing Catholic hymns, songs, and chants – even if you can’t read a note of music!

I’m Erin McFarland, and I believe that the family that sings together, prays twice together. I’m here to help you introduce sacred music into your family life. Let’s re-discover the enduring tradition of singing Catholic music together.

Where to start? Choose from Catholic Hymn Study Years 1-6, and focus on learning one hymn a month. I used to send out monthly emails, but now you are free to choose which year and/or which hymn you’d like to learn. (As of August 2019, I’m working on updating the site to match this new format. Year 1 is being redone starting in September 2020.)

The Sacred Music Hymn Studies are one-of-a-kind. I’ve created plans for teaching yourself, and any children in your life, how to sing one new Catholic hymn, chant, or song a month. If you homeschool, the Studies will provide you with a Catholic Hymn Study based on the Charlotte Mason method.

Each study includes FREE sheet music, audio clips, video (if available), lyrics, and hymn study activities or assignment ideas that are appropriate for children and adults. All the hard work has been done for you, so now it’s easy for you to bring traditional Catholic music into your home.

The hymns aren’t necessarily studied from “easiest” to “hardest”. You don’t need to buy anything, except maybe a binder to keep the sheet music if you decide to print it out. Personally, I print out our favorites, and collect them in a binder called the McFarland Family Hymnal.

May your home and your hearts be filled with beautiful Catholic hymns!


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