Maiden Mother, Meek and Mild

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Maiden Mother by Erin McFarland



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Maiden Mother, meek and mild,
Take, oh take me for they child.
All my life, oh let it be
My best joy to think of thee, Virgo Maria!

Teach me, when the sunbeam bright
Calls me with its golden light,
How my waking thoughts may be
Turned to Jesus and to thee, Virgo Maria!

Teach me also through the day
Oft to raise my heart and say,
“Maiden Mother, meek and mild,
Guard, oh guard thy faithful child”, Virgo Maria!

When my eyes are closed in sleep,
Through the night my slumbers keep,
Make my latest thought to be
How to love thy Son and thee, Virgo Maria!

Thus, Sweet Mother, day and night
Thou shalt guard my steps aright
And my dying words shall be:
“Virgin Mother, pray for me! Virgo Maria!”


Latin: Concordi lætitia

Sheet Music

PDF from CCWatershed


Concordi Laetitia • Organ Accompaniment from Corpus Christi Watershed on Vimeo.

Or, display Gregorian chant (instead of modern notation) and listen to audio together here.

Lyrics: Concordi Laetitia

1. Concordi lætitia, Propulsa mæstitia, Mariæ præconia Recolat Ecclesia: Virgo Maria!
2. Quæ felici gaudio, Resurgente Domino, Floruit ut lilium, Vivum cernens Filium: Virgo Maria!
3. Quam concentu parili Chori laudant caelici, Et nos cum cælestibus Novum melos pangimus: Virgo Maria!
4. O Regina virginum, Votis fave supplicum, Et post mortis stadium, Vitæ confer praemium: Virgo Maria!
5. Gloriosa Trinitas, Indivisa Unitas, Ob Mariae merita, Nos salva per saecula: Virgo Maria! Amen.


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