How to Use this Site

There are two types of sacred music to learn on this site: music appropriate for liturgical uses (Mass, Divine Office, Benediction, etc.), and music that is “devotional” and better suited for home, and other functions outside of Mass.

May the hymns you learn to sing, bring grace into your Domestic Church!

How to Learn the Songs:

I spent way too much time searching for a sheet music player that embedded right into the page. I realize it’s not perfect, but the idea is to click play, listen, follow along, and then sing-along. I hope that in future MuseScore updates, there will be a way to easily change the size of the font so it is easier to read.  Until then, if the words are too small for you, you can see a larger version on my MuseScore profile. All you do is click on the song title that is right under the embedded player, and you will be brought to the song on the MuseScore website.

The MuseScore player is best viewed on a computer, but still works on most or all devices.  Here is an example:

All Ye Who Seek a Comfort Sure by erin.mcfarland.16


For some hymns, I have provided an audio recording, either one I found on YouTube, or one I recorded using SoundCloud. For example:


Below whatever audio is available, you will find all the lyrics.

How I use this Site

I click play, scroll down to the lyrics, and sing. I like to sing to our boys at bedtime, so I bring my iphone in, click play and sing. Usually I have the tune in my head well enough after two verses to sing the rest of the verses on my own. If I ever forget how the melody goes, I just have to click play again.

If a hymn is new to me, I find that I have to sing it almost every day for a week to learn the melody, the first verse or two, and the chorus.

My son (who can read) likes to follow along, when we sing during school time. This is when I really wish MuseScore fonts were easy to make larger! But one idea is to download the sheet music as a PDF from my MuseScore profile, and print it out. You can collect the hymns you love into your own personal family hymnal!

Click here to see what a PDF download from MuseScore looks like.

Which Song to Learn?

May I suggest starting with the song that has been most recently posted on the home page? Chances are, it will fit the devotion of the current month. Otherwise, please view the growing index of Catholic Songs to Learn and Sing.

Yes, you can add Catholic Hymn Study to your Homeschool Curriculum!

One goal I have for this site is to provide homeschooling families with a 9-month curriculum for each of the 12 years of school.  Most curriculums available are scheduled for grades K-3, but learning and singing Catholic music should NOT end with 3rd grade! Please subscribe by email to this blog if you would like to receive the monthly Sacred Music Study newsletters.  I want to make learning new hymns as easy as possible so that it is not an “extra” that gets put to the side for various reasons.

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We don’t homeschool.

The music of the Church is for EVERYONE. If you have children, you can teach them hymns, no matter where they go to school. Sing them before or after Rosary. At night prayers. In the car on the way to school. While you clean up toys or do laundry. I think hearing parents sing hymns at random times during the day or week brings a sense of security to young ones. Try it and see! Feel free to subscribe by email as well…the Hymn Studies were designed to be used by ANYONE.


Please visit me on Google+! I’d love to get in touch with you and answer any questions, comments, or even hymn requests.


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